Episode 144: One Last Squirt of DLC

The gang finally returns after a long break as Josh, Jay, and Rowan say farewell to the podcast and ride off into the sunset on poopy horses. Our friends Aaron Hawn, Gus Mastrapa, and Chuck Moran join us for a proper goodbye, all the games, and an impromptu round of “Do You Care?” Plus, Dragon Quest Builders, Rimworld, Dishonored 2, GTA lazer bikes, Tyranny, Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Mirror’s Edge, Thumper, Civ6, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more!

Thank you to all the listeners who’ve tuned in over the past 5 years. You all are the best.


Episode 142: Dark Souls of the Moon

This week Josh doubles the Ps, Jay doubles the Ds, and Rowan doubles the tech trees as the gang talks new monitors, fantasy role-playing TV shows, and a Kaiser exclusive Civilization 6 hands-on preview. Plus, Starbound, Rimworld, Sherlock, Telltale Batman, We Happy Few, the ultimate D-sync, and more!


Episode 143: Pushy Cars

This week friend of the show Aaron Hawn joins us in Rowan’s absence as Josh carries us forward into the void of No Man’s Sky and Jay takes us back to the seedy underworld of Rockstar’s The Warriors. Plus, Rimworld, Slain, Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal, Fallout 4: Far Harbor, GTA V adversary modes, Josh buys a house, and more!