8 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Friends

If you watched each episode with pretty ukrainian ladies of Friends hundreds of times, then you probably think that you know everything about this TV series. However, we have something to surprise you! We present to your attention 10 facts about Friends that you did not know.A great topic to discuss when you chat with single girl.

  1. Initially, the series was called “Cafe Insomnia”

Also, there were other names “Friends Like Us” and “Six of One”.

  • All the main cast went to Las Vegas before the airdate of Friends

The director James Burrows got a very good feeling about the potential of the Friends series, so he decided to take the whole cast to Las Vegas to enjoy the last days of anonymity before the show changes their lives forever.

“I told them: These are your last days of anonymity. After the show goes on the air, you, guys, will have not an earthly chance go anywhere without close attention,” said the director.

  • Lisa Kudrow hates playing guitar

“I don’t like the guitar. I never had one. Therefore, I even once asked the director: “What if Phoebe plays bongo?” – Lisa Kudrow said in one of the interviews in 2004.

In the end, Lisa still had to take up a few guitar lessons. The lessons were very short because the actress refused to learn more than two chords. Therefore, it is not surprising that Phoebe knows only two guitar chords.

  • By the end of the series, Joey owes Chandler $120,000

One fan of the Friends series decided to calculate how much Joey owes Chandler for the entire series. By calculating the rent, food, photo sessions, furniture, and telephone bills that were paid by Chandler – he got $ 120,760 in total.

  • Joey’s messages on the children’s drawing board are an important part of the show

Each picture on the drawing boardreflects the character of the episode and the director considered them very important. There is even a section on the Friends fan site, where each drawing is analyzed and decrypted.

  • The most touching moments of the series was never filmed in front of a live audience

As a rule, the shooting of each episode took 5 hours. And almost all the series was filmed in front of the live audience. However, spectators were forbidden to be present at the shooting of the episodes that were related to some life-changing events of the characters. Also, there was no live audience at Ross’s wedding, where he accidentally pronounced the name Rachel.

  • Bruce Willis appeared in Friends for free because he lost the bet with Matthew Perry

Everyone who watched Friends remembers the epic appearance of Bruce Willis in the role of the father of Ross’s girlfriend. Few people know that Bruce appeared in the series completely for free because of the losing bet he made with Matthew Perry during the filming of “The Whole Nine Yards”.

Matthew Perry said that the film will top the list in box office receipts on the very first weekend, but Bruce was more skeptical. Anyway, the film became a hit in February 2000 and Bruce Willis had to star in Friends.

  • All the cast of characters and film crew received a piece of pavement located near the “Central Perk Cafe” after the airing of the last episode

Each of them literally took a piece of history.

6 Best Animated Series for Adults

Series for adults are good, but animated series are even better. Especially if it is a head-snapping comedy with an incredible plot and vivid characters. It’s better than using online dating europe.We have made a list of the best animated series that ridicule quite serious matters – psychological problems, matrimonial difficulties, social inequality, addictions, and many other “adult things.”

We have made a list of the best animated series that ridicule quite serious matters – psychological problems, matrimonial difficulties, social inequality, addictions, and many other “adult things.”

  1. Brickleberry

Tree huggers, who protect the environment, have suddenly turned from heroes and saviors of the planet into bores losing their sanity. This idea is perfectly illustrated by the satirical Brickleberry animated series – its main characters are silly rangers of a national reservation, who do more harm than good. By the way, the coolest character in Brickleberry is not a man, but a lustful little bear (but do not compare it with Ted!).

  • Archer

This animated series is “James Bond” the other way around. The main character is called Archer, and he has many shortcomings: chronic alcoholism, sexoholism, obsession with money, irresponsibility, sheer cynicism, and so on. He works in the cool ISIS spy agency (its director is Archer’s mom) and is surrounded by similar imperfect people – from the pervert accountant Cyril, who is in love with a female hologram to nymphomaniac Cheryl. And besides solving a heap of personal problems, all this klatch must still somehow fulfill super-secret tasks and confidential missions. Perhaps, this is one of the funniest animated series of the recent time.

  • South Park

This is another rigorous animated series, where the main characters – 5 American teenagers – snicker at the shortcomings of American culture and discuss current world events (the authors of this series react to what is happening in the world very quickly and release a new episode in just 2-3 weeks). South Park is famous for its black humor, offensive language, and parodical summing up of each episode.

  • The Simpsons

This is the longest American animated series and probably, the most popular in the world. On the example of a big American family who lives in Springfield, the creators of the masterpiece show the life of typical Americans, ridiculing many of its aspects.

The animated series addresses serious social issues such as same-sex marriages, juvenile justice, drugs, feminism, and many others. Travesty of other films and celebrities, special issues and series-stories – The Simpsons are multifaceted and cannot but cause interest.

  • Family Guy

The animated series can be described as a more rigorous version of The Simpsons. The plot tells about the life of a big dysfunctional American family, which also includes an anthropomorphic dog.

It is not surprising that the Family Guy series touches upon such sticky subjects as its competitors: politics, sex, slavery, disability, feminism, obesity, celebrities, etc. The peculiarity of the Family Guy is “cut-in” humor when during an episode, you watch some funny remarks that have nothing to do with the plot.

  • Rick and Morty

The whiner Morty and the ingenious scientist and part-time alcoholic Rick constantly get into unimaginable scrapes, traveling throughout the galaxy. As befits, besides sarcastic jokes, the animated series touches upon global issues and ridicule the evils of society. Despite its young age, the Rick and Morty series has already managed to attract a lot of fans for its originality, creativity, and sense of humor.

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